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CarmEli Catering will cater to you and your guest's delicious food inspired by world cuisines, a flavourful food made traditionally by hand using high-quality ingredients from local suppliers. 
Cocktail-style catering allows guests to mingle with a generous amount of easy to hold foods distributed throughout the event. Substantial cocktail catering is the perfect way to save on costs involved in sitting arrangements. 

We offer a variety of substantial cocktail menus and around-the-world-inspired mini meals to satisfy all taste pallets. 

If you cannot find what you are after, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate costume-made requests.

*This menu can be catered to any event.

Substantial Catering  

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Tapas-Inspired Substantial Menu From $58pp

A satisfying menu with a mix of finger food, canapé & mini-meals.


A menu designed for longer events to keep your guests full throughout the event. 

Option one $58pp

  • Your choice of four finger foods & canapés 

  • Your choice of one slider 

  • Your choice of one world-cuisines inspired meal

Option two $73pp

  • Your choice of six finger foods & canapés 

  • Your choice of one slider 

  • Your choice of two world-cuisines inspired meals

* Prices inclusive of staff, serviettes & GST. You are entitled to a discounted caravan hire rate with any menu. Enquire via email or call. A minimum number of 40 guests apply. 

*Contact us if you require a menu with fewer items. 


Choose your finger food & canapés 

Choose your meals from the options below👇🏼


Mini Meals From Around The World


  • Gambas al Ajillo - garlic prawn skewers in sauce.

  • Albóndigas - Spanish meatballs in tomato sauce.

  • Pollo al ajillo - Garlic chicken. 


  • Chipotle smoked BBQ chicken skewers with tequila lemon aioli. 

  • Fresh and crispy fish tacos with green jalapeno salsa.

  • Pulled chicken tacos.

  • Green bean sambal with lemon dressing. (V)


  • Spinach and ricotta cannelloni in tomato sauce.

  • Stuffed chicken parmigiana.


  • Keftedes with tzatziki, Greek meatballs.

  • Herbed chicken and fried zucchini skewers.

  • Grilled prawn and fried fish with a green salad and greek aioli. 

Middle Eastern:

  • Moroccan chicken bites with Matbucha (Moroccan spicy tomato sauce).

  • Crispy fried cauliflower with Baba ganoush (Middle Eastern Eggplant dip). (V)

  • Paprika grilled fish cubes and artichoke served with lemon wedges.


  • Personal size Zwiebelkuchen - Creamed onion pie. (V)

  • German mushroom strudel with goat cheese. (V)

  • Bratwurst in a mini sausage bun with carmelized onions.


  • Bouchée à la Reine - A savoury vol-au-vent filled with chicken or seafood white wine, and mushrooms.

  • Quiche Lorraine (onions, heavy cream, eggs, chives, ham & butter). 

  • Ratatouille - Stewed vegetable dish. (VG)

  • Coq au Vin - Chicken cooked in a red wine sauce mushrooms and butter.

Click below to learn more about our mobile caravan bar and kitchen.

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