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The Canape Catering Specialist In Melbourne

Canapes are the perfect catering option for wedding receptions, corporate events, product launches, gallery openings, new business opening events, birthdays, wakes and any other private event where mingling is preferred over seated catering. 


CarmEli's canape catering service provides a wide variety of delicious morsels that are perfect for any event. Our skilled chefs create each canape with the utmost care and attention, ensuring that each one is of the highest quality and flavour. We have an array of options ranging from classic favourites to more adventurous and modern canape creations.

Our menu is inspired by world cuisines, flavourful canapes made traditionally by hand using high-quality ingredients. Your choice of a wedding menu, corporate catering menu or private event catering will provide you with canapés that are freshly made to order. We truly are the canape specialists in Melbourne and its surrounds. 


Our dedication to crafting fresh canapes from scratch means we can cater to your unique dietary preferences and needs. We can customize any canape from our menu to ensure a truly satisfying culinary experience. Share your vision with us, and we'll bring it to life!

We are excited to serve you and your loved ones.

Cold Canapés CarmEli Catering Melbourne

Cold Canapés Casual Selection

Our selection of casual canape catering is perfect for any event.

Whether you're hosting a birthday, casual get-together, or corporate meeting, these delicious canapes will be a hit with your guests. Our canapes are affordable and easy to serve, allowing you to make the most of your canape catering budget.

With a wide selection of flavours, there's something to suit every palate.

Let us provide the perfect canape catering to make your event a success.

© Marking our original recipes  

Sweet and sour canapé catering in Melbourne

Sweet & Sour

 grilled pumpkin goat cheese passion fruit
and rosemary ©

Olive you canapes catering in Melbourne

Olive You

A mix of pan-fried olives artichoke spices and thyme ©

Shell canapes CarmEli Catering

Bright Shroom

Spiced grilled mushrooms feta
and herbs ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Catering Melbourne

Bon Appétit

French-style tomato and olive mousse with blue cheese and sprouts ©

Cocktail party catering in Melbourne CarmEli Catering

Classico Italiano

Bocconcini cheese cherry tomato and homemade pesto ©

Smokey touch canape catering in Melbourne

Smoky Touch

Spiced and pan-fried tricolour peppers with a touch of smoked cheddar from our local smokehouse ©  

Bruschetta birthday catering CarmEli Catering Melbourne

Italian Bruschetta

Italian bruschetta with fresh tomatoes oregano and balsamic vinegar.

Gluten free canape catering in melbourne CarmEli Catering

Sicilian eggplant

Grilled Sicilian eggplant, fresh capcicum, tomato and herbs marinated with a zesty sauce on our homemade rice crisps ©

Dolmades CarmEli Catering


Greek vine leafs stuffed with rice

Cold summer Canapes CarmEli Catering Melbourne

Hint Of Mint

Thinly sliced Israeli salad with zesty lemon and olive oil sauce shaved parmesan and a hint
of mint ©

Cocktail event catering CarmEli Catering

Cold Canapés Premium Selection

Our premium handmade gourmet canapes bring together flavours from around the world, all made with the highest quality ingredients, from classic French canapes to Mexican-inspired dishes. When choosing your canape catering with us, we provide a range of exquisite flavours to tantalize your taste buds. Our canape catering is perfect for any special occasion and is sure to impress your guests. Let us take care of the canape catering for your next event, and let our canapes do the talking.

Salmon tartar CarmEli Catering Melbourne

Mexican Salmon Tartar

Wood smoked prawn & salmon tartar, fresh jalapeno, herbs, lime & lemon twist, topped with our homemade margarita caviar on our homemade rice crisps ©  

Mexican Ceviche CarmEli Catering Melbourne

Mexican Ceviche 

Fresh fish or prawn ceviche in 8mm white corn tortilla ©  

Fromage Fort CarmEli Catering

Fromage Fort

A french cheese and white wine spread on a sourdough crostini pared with seasonal fruit.

Vegan Canapes CarmEli Catering Melbourne.

Heart Of Palm

Grilled spiced heart of palm, fennel & beetroot vegan ceviche on our homemade rice crisps ©  

Mousse de sammon canapes catering in Melbourne

Mousse De Sammon

A French dip made of smoked salmon, topped with black caviar & fresh herbs ©  

Chilli berry canapes catering in Melbourne

Chilli Berry

Triple brie, blackberry, chili balsamic in a pastry shell ©  

Cold Canapes CarmEli Catering

The Pancake Cure

A homemade savoury pancake topped with beetroot cured salmon, saffron cream cheese and sprouts ©  

Cold Canapes CarmEli Catering

Adam Delights

A base of sweet potato topped with herbed cheese and smoked salmon roses ©  

Cold Canapes CarmEli Catering

Noble Miriam 

Greek feta fingers rolled in spanish grilled eggplant ©  

finger food canape and cocktail catering in Melbourne CarmEli Catering

It's Not Pink It's Salmon

Wood smoked salmon, capers, homemade aioli and thyme ©

Cold Canapes CarmEli Catering

Antipasto Bite

A base of homemade fritter topped with sour cream, zesty red cupsicum and grilled spanish eggplant ©  

Cold Canapes CarmEli Catering

Veggie Sushi

Grilled herbed seasonal veggies rolled to a sushi form, light and fresh canapé ©  

Oyster bar and prawn cocktails catering in Melbourne, CarmEli Catering

Oyster Bar & Prawn Cocktail

Our Oyster Bar is the perfect treat for any occasion. We provide the freshest and most delicious oysters to please your guests and keep them entertained with our unique touch of homemade toppings as our margarita pearls or frozen piña colada.


Treat your guests to a luxurious oyster bar experience alongside our canape catering. With our service, you can choose from two oysters per person, four or six. Add prawn cocktails to a complete seafood experience.

Choose from the options below or tailor a package to suit your needs.

  • Oyster bar with two oysters per guest $10

  • Oyster bar with four oysters per guest $19

  • Oyster bar with six oysters per guest $27

  • Add a prawn cocktail for $5 per guest


Cocktails style catering tapas menus in Melbourne CarmEli Catering

Pinot Noir Oysters

Fresh oysters, aged apple cider, topped with our homemade herbs infused pinot noir caviar ©  

Seafood platter catering CarmEli Catering

Oysters Mignonette

Oysters topped with a delicate french mignonette ©  

Oyster bar catering in Melbourne carmEli Catering

Margarita Pearls

Fresh oysters topped with our homemade margarita pearls © 

Oyster bar sperad catering in Melbourne CarmEli Catering

Piña Colada

Fresh oysters topped with frozen Piña Colada ©

Red wine vinegar, seafood catering in Melbourne CarmEli Catering

Rosemary Infused

Fresh oysters topped with rosemary infused red wine vinegar © 

Prawn Cocktail party catering CarmEli Catering Melbourne

Prawn Cockatail

Platters of cooked prawns with traditional dressings

Seafood bar catering in Melbourne CarmEli Catering.

Baked Oysters

Baked oysters, homemade smoked tomato salsa, goat cheese & mozzarella © 


Why choosing CarmEli Catering for your canape catering? We provide canapés that are handmade from scratch to order with our canape catering service. Our canapes are fresh and are generous in size since they are made by us.

Do you provide staff with your canape catering service? We provide staff with our canape catering service for all bookings with 40 guests and over and provide you with the option of hiring staff for events with less guests.

Would you consider special requests? At CarmEli Catering we love a challenge and would be happy to look at any special requests, dietary requirements and allergies.

For additional information contact us at or call directly 0432695294

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