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Mobile Bars & Beverage Catering In Melbourne

CarmEli Catering specialises in mobile bars, pop-up bar hire services & bar hire solutions Melbourne-wide.

We are the first and original © to provide a fully tapped beverage catering experience from our mobile caravan bar Eddie the craft beer van 🍻 and using our mobile tap systems for indoor or in-office events. 


We cater some of the best craft beverages in the market, all brewed, aged and distilled by local independent businesses around Melbourne and dedicated to supporting the local economy.


Offering alternative mobile bar hire solutions and mobile beer tap systems for any event, such as a wedding bar, corporate event bar, a bar for product launches, Tv productions and mobile bars for private events. 


Providing you and your guests with an unforgettable beverage catering experience because every event starts with a drink 🍻🥂🍷🥃🍸

Read more about our mobile bars and beverage catering options 👇🏼

When looking for truly impressive bar service, look no further! Sound on 🔊 the video below

©Halo Nolan ©CarmEli Catering

Meet Eddie Our Mobile Caravan Bar...

Eddie is the perfect addition to any event and can be styled accordingly 🤩

Unlike other mobile bars, it is not a converted caravan. It was well planned and built as a bar to impress 🤗 


Featuring an open bar plan, Tasmanian oak bench tops, six beer taps, five spirit taps, top-quality commercial bar equipment, a dishwasher and a commercial kitchen area, it caters to all of your event needs and more.


The bar was designed for a tap-based service, using kegs other than bottles and cans and allowing us to:

  • Supply you with high-quality drinks at a low cost

  • Provide quick service with less wait time

  • Avoid wait lines

  • Minimize waste

  • Serve five cocktails in less than a minute

  • Serve Six beverages such as beer, cider and wine every fifty seconds


Your guests will truly make the maximum of their time at the event when not standing in long lines for the bar.


Access to two power points is required for us to operate. If power is not accessible, we can provide a generator for an additional fee.


Eddie's size specifications are five meters in length (including tow bar), 2.6 meters high and 2 meters wide, making it easy to fit almost anywhere.


A site inspection or a video call is recommended for planning a safe arrival and efficient set-up on the day of the event.

Mobile Tap Systems, Events Bar Set Up

These mobile tap systems are suitable for in-office bar set up, indoor winter wedding bar, and bar set-up for corporate events or private events. 

Our mobile tap systems are both stylish looking and efficient! They are designed and built for high volume pour and provide quick and clean beverage catering service 😍 


Each tap system is fitted with two flow control taps to serve your choice of beverages beer, white wine, red wine, cocktails, cider and bubbles.


It is the perfect mobile bar set up for any space! Indoors or outdoors, your guest would be impressed.

The Glassware We Use...

Safety comes first' therefore, we have invested in stylish and beautifully presented unbreakable glassware.
The drinkware we use is very likable 🍷✨ we unintentionally finish every function with a few missing 😅 Therefore, we have come up with a suggestion/option 😉 

As part of our new services, we can organise branded or unbranded glassware as a gift 🎁 for your guests to use throughout the event and take home 🤗 It's an environmentally friendly 🌱innovative way to run your event smoothly ✅ encourage your guests to reuse their glass (which will also keep the venue happy) 👍🏼 and be a lovely way to remember your special day 🎉


The glassware is made from high-quality poly, looking like glass, feeling like glass and would not break even if you run a truck on it 🚚 It's perfect for a picnic, a day on the beach 🏖 or any outdoor celebration. 🪅

Prices start from as little as $8 per unbranded glass and $15 per branded glass minimum order is as small as 48 units and requires a month's notice.

In the photos are the glassware we use - 380 ml wine glasses 🍷 360 ml stackable beer glasses 🍺 270 ml rock glasses 🥃170 ml champagne flutes 🥂 However, there are other glassware you can choose!

*Hiring fees are included in our quote fees apply for missing glassware.

Other glass hire options are available contact us to discuss your needs.

Click below if you like us to order glassware for your special day 🫶🏼❤️ 

What Type Of Events Do We Cater?

👉🏼 Engagements

👉🏼 Bridal showers

👉🏼 Hens nights & bachlorattes 

👉🏼 Weddings

👉🏼 Corporate events

👉🏼 Product launces 

👉🏼 Tv productions

👉🏼 Birthdays & milestones

👉🏼 Retirements 

👉🏼 Baby showers

👉🏼 And any other event

What is Inclusive With Hire?

* Eddie the van or our mobile tap systems.

* Travel fees.

* RSA-certified bartenders. 

* Stylish unbreakable glassware.

* Infused water.

* Liquor licence - Venues located on council public grounds will require providing a temporary liquor licence, hiring us benefits you by skipping the hassles saving you time and money.

* Public liability Insurance.

* Cleaning and maintenance of our equipment before and after each event.

How Do We Tailor A Quote For Your Event? 

Every event is different. Therefore there's no one price for all.

To provide you with a quote that best suits your event needs, we ask that you provide us with the following information,


  • Which of our bar setups are you interested in hiring?

  • The date and location of your event?

  • The number of guests?

  • How many hours of service do you require?

  • Do you wish to have a limited or unlimited beverage package?

  • Which beverages would you like to serve (beer, wine, spirits)?

  • Which beverages would be most popular?

Providing this information will help us tailor a beverage package to best suit your needs, guarantee that you don't run out of drinks and save money where possible.

Kegs are the future of bar service few of the benefits are: 


* It's jaw-dropping impressive! - Literally! Eyes wide open is what you'll see every time your guests are served a cocktail from the tap, pinky promise!

* Quick bar service - No ice bags, No corks, no bottle openers, no cans, no rubbish to pick up, no running around to fill the fridges. Our bartenders are always near the taps to pour you a drink it's simple, it's clean, it's quick.

* High-quality beverages at affordable prices - Using kegs allows us to cater for you with high-quality craft beverages at a price lower than you'll pay at the most affordable bottle shop.

* No mass, hustles, no injuries - No tippy-toeing around the bar, knocking off open bottles and cans, continuously looking for that bottle opener, no long lineup at the bar and iffy faces your event will be running smoothly 'kegs are connected, drinks are flowing everyone are happy. 

* Environmentally Friendly - It's self-explanatory, but let us do the math. You cater for 100 guests, the average drinks per guest are at a minimum of four, you saved this planet from at least 400 bottles or cans per function. We think that's amazing!

Do You Offer BYO Bar Hire?

In the past, we used to offer BYO options and came across many issues, including running out of drinks early into the event, too many or not enough beverage options and inconsistent menus, cocktails ingredients missing, not enough ice and others. 

To avoid this, we do not allow BYO but allow semi-BYO. What does that mean?
We provide your basic beverage package (for example, beer, cider, wine or others per your choice) to guarantee that everything is done right for your event, and you don't run out or under-catered. If you wish to add to it and provide your special bottle of spirit or favourite champagne, we will be happy to serve that alongside your basic package. 

Our bar was designed and built as a tap-based service which we pursue as part of our mission to reduce your cost, support local businesses and be as environmentally friendly as possible, avoiding the use of bottles and cans. 

Tips For A Successful Event

* Experience! The most meaningful word in the event industry! 

After all, we are all humans 90% of events would have some unplanned "Oopsie Daisy!", the bride is late, the groom can't find his tie, the photography session gone beyond the time expected, someone decided to change the time for speeches... we've seen it all. 

With over 27 years in the hospitality and event industry, we tackle these situations and get your event back on track. 

* Information! Know your crowd and ask questions. 

Create a Facebook group to accommodate polls with questions such as "what's your favourite drink?", "How many drinks on average would you drink during 5 hours?", "these would be the drinks on offer at our wedding. Which is your favourite?" The more you know, the better you can plan your event and save money where spending is unnecessary. 

* Questions and expectations!

Express your expectations to your service provider, and let them know how you have visioned your event. The more we know, the better we can be at your service. Ask as many questions as possible.

It is against the law:
• for a licensee to sell liquor to under 18s Penalty exceeds $19,000
• for any person to supply liquor to under 18s Penalty exceeds $19,000
• for under 18s to purchase, receive, possess or consume liquor Penalty exceeds $800

Why Choose A Tap Based Service?

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