Shell canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cookin

Catering To You A Food Experience From Around The World

CarmEli Catering offers food items to suit all taste palates,
our menu is inspired by around the world cuisines, flavourful food made traditionally by hand using high-quality ingredients. 

We have options for everyone and we know the ingredients in every single bite 👍🏼 you can choose items as part of a package, or you can customise a menu to suit your event needs.

Prices excluding GST.

Hot finger foods CarmEli Old Fashion Coo

Cold Canapés

Signature casual selection $3 each or as part of a package
© Marking our original recipes  

Sweet and sour canapé catering in Melbou

Sweet & Sour

 grilled pumpkin goat cheese passion fruit

and rosemary ©

Olive you canapés catering in Melbourne

Olive You

A mix of pan-fried olives artichoke spices and thyme ©

Shell canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cookin

Bright Shroom

Spiced grilled mushrooms feta

and herbs ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Bon Appétit

French-style tomato and olive mousse with blue cheese and sprouts ©

Classic Italiano canapé catering in Melb

Classico Italiano

Bocconcini cheese cherry tomato and homemade pesto ©

Smokey touch canapé catering in Melbourn

Smoky Touch

Spiced and pan-fried tricolour peppers with a touch of smoked cheddar from our local smokehouse ©  

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Hint Of Mint

Thinly sliced Israeli salad with zesty lemon and olive oil sauce shaved parmesan and a hint

of mint ©

It's not pink it's salmon canapé caterin

It's Not Pink It's Salmon

Wood smoked salmon, capers, homemade aioli and thyme ©

Dolmades CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking Cat


Greek vine leafs stuffed with rice

Signature premium selection $4 - $5 each or as part of a package

Chilli berry canapés catering in Melbour

Chilli Berry

Triple Brie, blackberry chili balsamic in a pastry shell ©

fish ceviche tostadas canapé catering in

Ceviche Tostada 

Fresh fish or prawn ceviche on mini blue or white corn tostada ©

Fromage fort canapé catering in Melbourn

Fromage Fort

A French white wine and mix cheese dip in a pastry shell.

Grilled fish tostadas canapé catering in

Crispy Bite

Herbed grilled fish on a bed of coleslaw and mini blue corn tostada ©

Mousse de sammon canapés catering in Mel

Mousse De Sammon

French style salmon mousse topped with black caviar and fresh parsley ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Veggie Sushi

Grilled eggplant, zucchini and red capsicum spiced and rolled topped with

an olive ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

The Pancake Cure

Homemade savoury pancake topped with beetroot cured salmon, saffron cream cheese and sprouts ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Adam Delights

A base of sweet potato topped with herbed cream cheese and salmon roses ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Noble Miriam 

Greek feta cheese rolled in grilled eggplant herbs and spices ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Antipasto Bite

A base of homemade fritter topped with sour cream zesty red capsicum and Spanish eggplant ©

Hot finger foods CarmEli Old Fashion Coo

Hot Finger Food 

Casual selection $2 - $3 each or as part of a package

Traditional arancini finger food caterin

Traditional Arancini

Italian fried rice balls with a centre of melted mozzarella cheese

Moroccan potato  & onion pastel finger f

Moroccan Potato &

Onion Pastel

Crunchy pastry with a mouth-watering soft filling of Moroccan mashed potato and onion mix ©

Thai spring rolls finger food catering i

Thi Spring Rolls

Our speciality Thai style spring rolls ©

Spinach ricotta CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Spinach Ricotta

Famous since 2015 our homemade spinach ricotta pie no eggs just pure gooeyness © 

Greek style quiche CarmEli Old Fashion C

Greek Styleis'h

Sun-dried tomato, olives & Feta quiche ©

Pumpkin & cream CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Pumpkin & Cream

Grilled pumpkin cream and herbs quiche ©

Smoked goat CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Smoked Goat

Smoked ricotta cherry tomatoes and goat cheese ©

Hawaiian chicken CarmEli Old Fashion Coo

Hawaiian Chicken

Coconut creamed chicken pie topped with melty mozzarella ©

Creamed dreams vegan quiche CarmEli Old
Stuffed mushrooms CarmEli Old Fashion Co

Creamed Dreams

Vegan creamed onion and smoked carrot ©

Mey's Mushrooms

Cup mushrooms stuffed with homemade pesto and cheese ©

Beef sausage rolls CarmEli Old Fashion C

Beef Sausage Rolls

Middle Eastern style beef sausage rolls made without eggs or breadcrumbs ©

Zucchini slice CarmEli Old Fashion Cooki

Zucchini Slice

Homemade zucchini slice, cream and cheese ©

Veggie frittata CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Veggie Frittata

Homemade corn, pea, carrot and cheese

frittata ©

CarmEli's Corn Pops CarmEli Old Fashion

CarmEli's Corn Pops

Fried creamed potato and corn ©

Mini parma CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking C

Mini Chicken Parma

Fried mini chicken fillets topped with our homemade tomato sauce and grilled mozzarella 

Finger food and canapés CarmEli Old Fash

Premium selection $3.5 - $ 6 each or as part of a package

Cheesy Arancini CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Cheesy Arancini

Pesto and cheese © 

Feisty Arancini CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Feisty Arancini

Olive and sun-dried tomato tapenade ©

Bitter Sweet Arancini CarmEli Old Fashio

Bitter Sweet

Pumpkin, feta and rosemary ©

Eggplant Croquette CarmEli Old Fashion C

Eggplant Croquette

Eggplant and herbs croquette © 

Eggplant & Leek Croquettes CarmEli Old F

Golden Babies

Spanish eggplant & leek croquettes (dairy) ©

Chicken Croquettes CarmEli Old Fashion C
Moroccan chicken skewers CarmEli Old Fas
Crumbed prawns CarmEli Old Fashion Cooki
BBQ prawns CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking C
Fried goat CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking C

Chicken Croquettes

Spanish chicken croquettes (dairy) ©

Chicken Skewres

Moroccan spiced

chicken skewers © 

Crunchy Prawn

Crumbed fried prawns on a skewer ©

BBQ Prawns

Spiced grilled prawns skewer ©

Fried Goat

Crumbed fried goat cheese © 

Prawn and lime spring rolls CarmEli Old

Prawn Spring Roll

Prawn spring roll & lime ©

Beef Spring Rolls CarmEli Old Fashion Co

Beef Spring Roll

Pure Greek style spiced ground beef rolls © 

Chicken Schnitzel Burger CarmEli Old Fas

Schnitzel Burger

Chicken Schnitzel, mayo spinach, s.d tomato © 

Bring On The Prawn Burger CarmEli Old Fa

Bring On The Prawn

Crispy smoked prawn coleslaw, bocconcini ©

Naked Chick Burger CarmEli Old Fashion C

Naked Chick

Grilled chicken fillet, homemade tomato sauce, halloumi, herbs and chips ©

Beefcake Burger CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Beefcake Burger

Homemade beef patty, tomato, spinach cheese and mayo ©

Emma's Burger CarmEli Old Fashion Cookin

Emma's Burger

Sweet potato, eggplant, beetroot, goat cheese and herbs © 

The Nolan Burger CarmEli Old Fashion Coo

The Nolan Burger

Pesto, mayo, mushroom, tomato, lettuce, halloumi jalapeno chili ©

Fish & Chips Burger CarmEli Old Fashion

UK Burger

Homemade fish and chips with homemade aioli sauce ©

Vegan Burger CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Vegan As Burger

Homemade vegan patty, tomato, vegan cheese and herbs ©

Salmon thyme CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Smoked Salmon

Spinach, smoked salmon and capers ©

Margarita Pizza CarmEli Old Fashion Cook


Homemade tomato sauce mozzarella

and herbs  © 

Antipasto salmon CarmEli Old Fashion Coo

Antipasto Pizza

Antipasto veggies with homemade aioli ©

Beetroot supreme CarmEli Old Fashion Coo

Beetroot Supreme

Beetroot, goat cheese, cupcicam and herbs ©

Mushroom lovers CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Mushroom Lovers

Mix of mushrooms and parmesan cheese ©

Margarita Calzone CarmEli Old Fashion Co

Margarita Calzone

Traditional calzone made with tomato sauce Mozzarella & herbs ©

Artichoke And Olive Calzone CarmEli Old

Loaded Calzone

Artichoke, olive and ricotta calzone ©

Empanadas CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking Ca


Spanish pastry vegetarian or beef ©

Cold Canapés, CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking Catering In Melbourne